Cal Bird

Calvert "Cal" Bird was a San Francisco native and remains one of the finest fly tyers to have ever plied his craft in the West-or on the planet for that matter. His most notable contribution to the Yellowstone region is his Bird's Stone Fly. This adult salmon fly pattern was one of the first, if not the first, to uniquely replicate the low profile and natural life form of these adult flies. This pattern is a wonderful imitation of the lifelike activity as these large bugs as they are blown into the river or as the females drop onto river's surface to deposit their eggs.

Cal's flies are not limited to Rocky Mountain patterns as some of his steelhead, trout and salmon flies are also remarkable for thier fish catching ability and artistic art form. His flies and artistic skill have also been featured in numerous books that highlight the best fly tyers of the world. This is as good as it gets.

(Above is an original salmon fly pattern tied by Don Labbe--friend of Cal's and fellow California native. Note the "Cal Bird" Style & quality. Don graciously contributed his collection of Cal's flies for this series featured below.)

Bird's Stonefly
Bird's Stonefly Trout's View
Bird's Stonefly Nymph
Bird's Stonefly Nymph
Bird's Bandy
Dark Cahill Maroon Head
Light Cahill
Bird's Nest Black Weighted
Bird's Nest Light
Light Muddler
TBD 10
TBD 11
TBD 12
TBD 13
TBD 14
Royal Coachman
Western Coachman
Royal Coachman
TBD 15
Black Gordon
Royal O? Ghost
Grizzly & Green
Red Steelheader
Orange Steelheader
Western Sunset
Claret & Black
Peacock & Brown Palmer
Orange Winger
Silver & White Streamer
White Winger
Brown Trout or Yellow Gold
Copper Stone

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